“For the last four years, my Regents banker has been the most pleasant, positive, and results-oriented professional I have ever worked with, regardless of the subject matter or problem.” 
      John Nistico  
      Omni Pacific 
      El Cajon, CA 
“The staff at Regents Bank provided outstanding customer service by researching and providing timely answers to many questions for our firm concerning lines of credit, escrow accounts, researching loans, etc and was able to interface with our accounting firm as needed to be sure we are following current best practices.” 
      John Charles Vronay, P.E. 
      VRONAY Engineering Services 
      La Jolla, CA 
“There was a personal interest and a consideration for the “whole” Darmark story and picture.  We now sit with new loans at reduced interest rates and lower monthly payments.  We recommend Regents Bank to anyone that may be considering a relationship with them.” 
      Mark Zavadil 
      Martin Drake 
      Vice President 
      Darmark Corporation 
“Our Regents banker handled some very challenging issues related to our Union Ridge project with exceptional patience and creativity.  He easily managed the developments' financial assurances required by the City of Ridgefield and helped up determine our best solutions.” 
      Steven Everson 
      Vice President 
      The Schuck Corporation 
      Colorado Springs, CO 
“Our businesses are not the easiest to understand, but Regents has done a great job of jumping in and really learning what we do and how we do it.  By understanding the dynamics of how our customers use our services, they created the right credit facilities for both companies.” 
      Grant Hammersley 
      Opus Solutions and AMI 
      Beaverton, OR  
“It’s been such a great pleasure to work with Regents Bank.  The loan documentation and follow up on every file is organized and always in perfect order.”       
      Maureen Wile 
      American Equities 
      Vancouver, WA 
“We have been extremely pleased with the level of service that Regents Bank has provided and impressed with their ability to provide sound financial advice about a variety of issues.” 
      Cheryl Aichele 
      Stellar J. Corp 
      Woodland, WA 
“The entire Regents Bank team is dedicated to our company's health and success which in confirmed by their high level of customer service. They take the time to learn about and truly understand our business and marketplace.” 
      Mark Curtis 
      President & CEO 
      Pacific Cascade 
      Vancouver, WA 
“The Regents team shows me how important I am by their actions, follow up, attention to detail, response time and much more.  Every time I walk into Regents Bank, I am reminded of how professional they are and how important I am.” 
      Doug Gillingham 
      Ridgefield, WA 
“Since my move to Regents Bank from US Bank, my faith in banking customer service has been restored.  I no longer have to wait in line to make deposits.  I actually have a real person call me back at the end of the day to answer my questions.  And I now have a bank that shows some flexibility on their loan packages.” 
      Chip Rome 
      Chipster Properties 
      San Diego, CA 
“I have never observed the level of support and service from any of the other banks we have used in the past.  I can unreservedly recommend Regents Bank to any business or individual who is seeking attentive and personal service from the bank.”  
      Leah Stapleton, CFP 
      Stapleton Financial 
      San Diego, CA 
“Redhorse is a growing small business.  When we needed working capital, we found the Regents Bank team to be very responsive.  They took the time to meet with us and understand our business and then worked with us to get the financing in place very quickly.  Their willingness to learn our business and our banking needs has been a major factor in our continued success.” 
      David Inmon, CEO 
      Mark Walsh, COO 
      Redhorse Corporation 
      San Diego, CA 
“I am very glad that I made the change several years ago from a large commercial bank to Regents, where you feel like more than just a number.  I would recommend Regents Bank to everyone who wants a personal relationship with their financial partner.” 
      Dr. Judy Chan 
      Precision Eye Care 
      Vancouver, WA 
“Regents Bank is our preferred bank.  The personal hands-on approach to both our deposit and lending accounts are much appreciated and tough find or compare in this market.   Even with the geographical constraints, I have my personal accounts with Regents Bank.” 
      R. Dean Pickett 
      Coe Properties 
      Portland, OR 
“Regents Bank has consistently made extra efforts to assist us in setting up and helping us to manage our company accounts, credit cards, line of credit and more. We can always rely on a quick and friendly response to any of our questions or needs.” 
      Robert Hastings 
      Moebius Solutions 
      San Diego, CA 
“Operating a business can have a lot of challenges and it is really helpful to have such a great bank with excellent customer service, always willing to help in any situation.  I encourage any business or individual to consider Regents Bank.” 
      Charlene Ewell 
      Sim J. Harris, Inc 
“During the most difficult times we faced in 30 years, I appreciate the support, the understanding, flexibility and frankly the friendship Regents Bank has shown.  They stayed the course, working with us, and we are clearly on our way to recovery.” 
      Fred Ashman 
      Multi Image Productions 
      San Diego, CA 
“When I call Regents their telephone is promptly answered by a live person and my question or request is immediately handled.  When I want to speak with our banker, she is either immediately available or promptly returns my call.  When I walk into the bank, I am greeted by my name, never have to wait in line and my business is handled by one of their courteous representatives.   On a scale of 1 to 10, Regents is a solid 10.” 
      William P. Ferrel 
      Director of Administration 
      Neil Dymott Attorneys 
      San Diego, CA 
“Once our decision was made to move our business to Regents Bank, the transition was amazingly smooth.  Calls to the bank and questions were taken care of immediately.  Also, their Remote Deposit Capture has saved us so much time because it enables us to scan our deposits any time of the day or night in our office.”  
      Colleen Coffman 
      Coffman Specialties 
      San Diego, CA  
“I know that having access to ownership and senior management like I do at Regents is highly uncommon at other banks.  I have always been made to feel like I am their largest and most valued client.  I can honestly say that switching to Regents is one of the best business decisions we have made.” 
      Mark E. Hoekstra, CPM 
      Heritage Real Estate Advisors 
      San Diego, CA 
“In my association with Sean, I am continually impressed by his commitment to helping me and my business succeed.  His sincerity and business acumen in the banking industry allow him to generate invaluable knowledge and financial direction that I both trust and respect.  Sean’s personal attention and availability makes you feel like he is more of your CFO than your banker.   His strong analytical skills allow him to work within a company’s financials to create meaning, direction, and focus; Insight that any business leader undoubtedly needs to make good financial decisions.  He is good at what he does because of who he is and what he stands for; Ethical, fair, sincere, smart and generous.  Sean is a banking professional, business advisor and friend.  I recommend Sean to any company looking to establish a truly personal banking relationship with a professional who can help them successfully achieve their financial goals.”  
Joe Divona 
ITAV Solutions Inc. 
San Diego, CA 
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