For quarterly updates regarding Regents Banks’ financial data, please contact any of the Regents offices or follow these four easy steps to obtain the Bank's financial information - online: 
1) Click on the link to the FDIC below 
2) When the window opens type 57177 into the FDIC certificate # box 
3) Click on the "Find" button 
4) When Regents Bank appears click on "generate report" to view financial results 
FDIC link to view Financial Results 
Dec 2, 2013            Regents Bank Promotes Jon Michael Caffall 
July 9, 2013            Tips for Employers to Prepare for Major Health Care Reforms 
Mar 25, 2013          Regents Bank Names Stephen Friedman to Manage La Jolla 
Jan 9, 2013            Steven D. Sefton Named Chief Executive Officer of Regents                                                                                                          
Nov 30, 2012          Regents Bank, N.A. and California Community Bank Complete                                                       
May 9, 2012            Steven D. Sefton Named President of Regents Bank  
Jan 31, 2012          Regents Bank News Q4 Results 
Jan 27, 2012         Grandpoint Capital, Inc., and Regents Bancshares , Inc.,  
                                  Complete Merger                                
Jan 19, 2012          Grandpoint Capital Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire  
                                  California Community Bank 
Nov 1, 2011            Regents Bank News Q3 Results 
Sept 6, 2011           Grandpoint Capital, Inc. Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire 
                                  Regents Bancshares, Inc. 
Aug 10, 2011          Regents Bank News Q2 Results 
June 14, 2011        Regents launches new enhanced web site 
May 23, 2011          Regents Bank News Q1 Results 
Feb 22, 2011          2010 Year End Financial Results 
Jan 24, 2013         SD Transcript - Regents Bank’s new CEO knows what keeps                                                                                                   
                                 clients up at night 
May 21, 2012         SDBJ On The Move Sefton 
May 11, 2012         SD Metro - Regents Bank Names Steven Sefton as President 
May 10, 2012         Regents Bank appoints Sefton president 
Mar 7, 2012            What Makes Commercial Real Estate Click in Today's Market  
Feb 9, 2012           Local Banks Show Signsw of Improvement 
Jan/Feb 2012        SD Metro Banking Outlook 2012 
Jan 30, 2012         SD Metro - Grandpoint Capital Completes Merger with Regents           
Jan 27, 2012         Ben Price earns Family Business Advisor Certification 
Jan 20, 2012         L.A. Based Bank Takes California Community Bank 
Jan 12, 2012         The Value of Community Banks 
Dec 5, 2011           SDBJ Article - Mega-Banks Faring Better Than Small 
                                 Banks; Loan Demand Weak 
Nov 28, 2011         Sean Puckett joins Regents Bank 
Nov 14, 2011         SDBJ Article - Bankers Talk Innovation 
Nov 9, 2011           San Diego Metro Article - Men Who Impact San Diego 
Oct 22, 2011          Article on considering a real estate purchase 
Aug 30, 2011         Article on appraising real estate in today's market 
Aug 17, 2011         American Banker Article on Small Business Lending Fund 
Aug 11, 2011         SDBJ At 10-Year Mark, Regents Bank Is Profitable 
June 11, 2011      Article on CRE loan challenges 
June 6, 2011          SDBJ Article on Lending 
April 6, 2011           Article on new SBA real estate refinance program 
Mar 2,   2011          Brian Smith joins Regents  
Feb 9,   2011         Banks are lending again - Blog  
Feb  2,  2011          Banks once again consider CRE loan applications 
Jan 25,  2011         Will Banks lend money? 
Dec 31, 2010         Regents ready to lend 
Sept  2, 2010         Debunking myths about community banks 
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