Regents Bank offers a choice of checking options to help manage your finances. A variety of features and benefits allows you to select the options that are just right for you. Regardless of your choice, your funds are insured up to the maximum amount allowed by the FDIC. 
Regents Personal Checking Account 
Our classic checking account provides you with unlimited check writing and convenient online banking support. 
Regents Personal Checking NOW Account 
The Regents Checking NOW Account allows you to earn interest on your checking balance with unlimited check writing. 
Regents Senior Checking NOW Account 
Our Senior Checking NOW Account is available to individuals 55 years and older and includes five (5) free cashier’s checks per month. 
Visit or call any Regents Bank office to meet our bankers, experience our service first hand and learn more about our personal banking solutions.  
Access to more ATMs 
You now have the convenience of using any ATM for balance inquiries and withdrawals without paying any fees. Please note that if the ATM prompts you to accept a usage charge, you will need to accept it; however, the reimbursement of the charge is immediate. ATM deposits made by 12 p.m. on a business day will be credited to your account that same business day. 
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