Bankings as it used to be… Banking as it should be 
If you appreciate truly exceptional service, the kind of attention that has been abandoned by large financial institutions, we invite you to experience Regents Bank. We're anxious to show you how we work with clients. We will remember your name, return your calls promptly and treat you like a valued client. Little things? Of course, but they reflect our total commitment to positive client relationships and service that extends down to the last detail. 
Regents Bank was founded in 2001 by local banking professionals, each with more than 20 years of banking experience, who came together with local community leaders to create a banking company that is committed to going way beyond mere products and services.  We want to demonstrate that a great banking relationship is one that focuses on a commitment to help you achieve your goals by providing sage advice and guidance from our team of knowledgeable trusted advisers. Our goal is to be an integral and long-term participant in our trade area. 
Our senior officers are passionate about providing world-class service.  We are building a bank renowned for personal service and focused on serving local individuals and families. Regents Bank provides a fine antidote to impersonal mega-banks. 
We are very grateful to the community for its tremendous support over the years and are very thankful for our loyal clients.  Our focus has always been on delivering service that far exceeds client expectations.  Our entrepreneurial approach to banking, where consultative advice is our primary focus, has enabled us to attract highly valued client relationships which in turn has resulted in our Bank building a fortress balance sheet of high quality assets and steady earnings during one of the most challenging times in the financial services industry. 
We are genuinely proud of the bank we have created, and would be proud to help you with your banking needs. We're anxious to prove that at Regents Bank, the most important person in the bank is the client. 
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