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Take control of your finances, total convenience on your schedule, and customization to do things your way. That’s why it definitely pays to check into business online Bill Pay. A better way to pay bills and invoices.  
Business Online Bill Pay lets you control what is paid, how much is paid and when it’s paid. 

  • Make payments more quickly and easily and gain greater control over cashflow
  • Get anytime, anywhere access online for more convenience paying your bills
  • Depend on added security because paying bills online is safer than mailing checks
  • Save time by conveniently importing payees from Quicken ® or QuickBooks®
  • Pay multiple invoices for a single payee all at one time and account for them in a single location
  • Easily set up recurring payments for monthly bills
  • You maintain control of all the settings
  • Delegate the payment tasks you want such as paying utilities and suppliers, running reports or accessing payment history
  • Set permission controls so you’re always in charge of who can make payments, which payments they can make, and the maximum payment amount
  • Set up final approvals so you can give the go-ahead before any payments are made
    Business Online Bill Pay lets you send paychecks and reimbursements electronically. 
    Get the flexibility to handle payroll for hourly or salaried employees and contractors, and do it all electronically.Save time and money with the convenience of direct deposit, so you can send each payment directly into your employees’ accounts. 

  • Keep employees up-to-date with an automatic direct deposit notification by email
  • Get the flexibility to split an employee's net pay and deposit into two accounts
  • Control every aspect of your payroll deposit, including setting up your employees, setting the compensation parameters, and making deposits into their bank accounts
  • Access all of the payroll deposit details in one convenient location, including the payroll amount for each employee, the total of each payroll, the process date, and payroll history
  • Never miss a payday because you can set up business online bill pay to send you reminder emails whenever your payroll is due
    Business Online Bill Pay lets you send invoices and receive payments electronically. 
    Generate customized electronic invoices that are branded for your business and tailored to your needs 
  • Set up the invoice number, sales tax and the payment terms
  • Securely store client information to make invoice generation quick and easy
  • Send invoices faster via email, and save money with no more stamps to buy
  • You control the exact date that your customers receive their invoices
  • There’s no more filing or paper storage because you can check your invoice history anytime online
  • Check all the details at a glance including payment activity and any unpaid balances
  • Create a customized receivables website for your business in just a few steps so your business can get paid faster
  • Customers can pay online using a credit card or bank account
  • Use your website to quickly view the payment status, including receivables aging and past due invoices, and other items that require attention

  • To get started, simply stop by a Regents Bank location, or call us at 866.395.4100, or log into your Online Banking account at and select the “Pay Bills” link to access the enrollment form. 
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