Mobile Banking makes it easy for you to do your banking right from your mobile phone. You can make deposits, view balances, initiate transfers, pay bills, approve wire transfers, view alerts, and find office locations. See our MOBILE DEPOSIT section for details about features for your iPhone® and Android™.  
With our new range of mobile features, there are more ways to stay in control of your finances, wherever you are.  Start exploring and see how you can put our new features to work for you.  
Mobile Apps 
Download our mobile banking app from the App Store for an enhanced experience designed for your iPhone® and Android™ phone. Simply log in using your Online Banking Login ID and Password. 
  • Make deposits
  • Check balances
  • Get history
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • View alerts
  • Approve ACH / Wire transactions
  • Locate offices
    Text/SMS Banking 
    Use simple text message commands to access your account information from almost any Text/SMS supported phone.  Text commands and receive information back in seconds.  
  • Check balances
  • Get history
  • Transfer funds
    What is Mobile Banking? 
    This feature provides additional convenience to Online Banking users. You can use the app on your mobile phone to perform many of the activities that you ordinarily perform through Online Banking, including the ability to:  
  • Make deposits with your iPhone® or Android™
  • View account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • View alerts
  • Approve ACH / Wire transactions
  • Locate offices
    What are the eligibility requirements for Mobile Banking?  
    Enrollment takes place through your mobile phone or Online Banking. To be eligible for Mobile Banking, you must meet the following requirements:  
  • You must have a valid Regents Bank account
  • You must be enrolled in Online Banking
  • You must be able to access the Internet or use SMS texting from your mobile phone.
  • ****Message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details****  
    I can already access Online Banking from my phone. Why do I need Mobile Banking?  
    Mobile Banking is specifically formatted for mobile phones. This provides faster browsing, easier navigation, clearer reading of content and the ability to pay bills. 
    Which Mobile Banking link should I use? 
    iPhone® and Android™ users can download the app directly from the App Store or Android Marketplace. Search for "Regents Bank". 
    What is my Login ID and Password? 
    To access Mobile Banking, use your current Online Banking Login ID and Password. 
    Is Mobile Banking safe? 
    Yes, the Mobile Banking application is protected in many ways, including:  
  • Access to the application on your mobile phone requires your Login ID and Password
  • Outgoing payments can only be sent to pre-established payees/recipients
  • ACH / Wire transactions require 2 additional authentication steps
  • Account numbers are masked
  • No bank data, including check images, are stored on the mobile phone
    Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?  
    Regents Bank does not charge any fees for using Mobile Banking. Message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.  
    Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?  
    Yes. You can pay bills after you are enrolled in Bill Pay. You must enroll in and set-up payees through Online Banking before you can pay bills through Mobile Banking. You cannot pay bills through SMS text banking.  
    Can I add a new Bill Payment Payee via Mobile Banking?  
    No. You can only add payments to payees already established through your traditional Online Banking.  
    Why can’t I add a new payee?  
    For security purposes, functionality is limited to sending payments to pre-established payees. 
    When I try to enter an amount for a bill payment or transfer, I can’t enter any numbers, only letters. Why?  
    Check your phone’s settings to make sure you don’t have Alpha-only enabled on the keypad.  
    What if I can’t get my mobile phone to work with Online Banking?  
    There are a number of reasons that you may experience trouble accessing the mobile version of online banking on your phone. To use the mobile version, your phone needs to meet the following minimum requirements:  
    1. Your mobile phone must be web enabled.  
    2. Your mobile network must allow secure SSL traffic. (You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this.)  
    Do transfers made between accounts at Regents Bank occur immediately? 
    Transfers completed before 7:00 p.m. PST will post immediately. Any transfers completed after 7:00 p.m. PST or on weekends or holidays will post the next business day.  
    How can I search for a transaction?  
    There is no search feature on the mobile app; depending on your account preference settings, you will be able to view all transaction history on your mobile phone. 
    What happens if I lose communication/signal during a transaction?  
    When you complete a transaction from your mobile phone (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.), a tracking number will be provided to you. To confirm the transaction status, click on the "Online Activity" menu option in the mobile app and locate the tracking number associated with the transaction. 
    What do I need to do if I get a new phone?  
    If your phone number remains the same, no changes on your part are necessary. If you change your phone number, log in to your Online Banking profile from a computer and click on "Mobile" to update your mobile preferences. You will not receive SMS Text Messages regarding Mobile Banking transactions if your phone number is not correct. 
    Can I access my account from more than one mobile phone?  Yes. 
    Can I access multiple Regents Bank accounts from my mobile phone?  
    You can access any account that you have access to in Online Banking.  
    Can I control which accounts display in mobile banking?  
    The accounts that are activated for online banking will determine the accounts you will access on your mobile phone. 
    Can I change the display nickname on my accounts?  
    The account display name can be changed in Online Banking by clicking on "Account" in the Preferences section. 
    Can I enroll for Mobile Text from my mobile phone?  
    No. Enrollment for Mobile Text must be completed within the traditional Online Banking site.  
    How do I use SMS text banking? 
    Please click on "Mobile" in Online Banking to view the SMS text banking instructions. 
    How do I un-enroll for Mobile Text?  
    Un-enrollment can be accomplished one of two ways. You can login to your traditional Online Banking site and select the "Opt Out" option or text STOP to 226563. 
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