Consultative Banking - a sounding board for your business  
We believe a bank should be more than just a home for your loans and deposits. It should be a resource for your financial success and you should have access to bankers that are able to serve you as respected financial advisers. Our average business banking officer has over 25 years of experience in the banking industry and can assist you with the following services. 
Financial Statement Review 
We are available to meet with you at any time to review your business financial statements. We will discuss your key operating ratios, debt servicing ability and offer recommendations for maintaining or improving your company's overall financial performance. We can offer insights relating to your financial ratios and business trends while highlighting comparisons to your industry peer group. 
Cash Flow Projections 
We would be pleased to assist you in developing cash flow projections for your business by reviewing your company's historical performance and key business drivers. Many of our clients have found this exercise to be extremely helpful in forecasting future cash flow needs for the business and related financing requirements. 
Business Best Practices 
We are pleased to serve as a resource to help you obtain information on a wide range of business topics. Here are just a few of those business best practices: 
  • Creating an Advisory Board of Directors
  • Compensation Practices
  • Customer and Employee Retention
  • Exit Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Balance
  • Management Development
  • Negotiating Business Deals
  • Strategic Planning
    Chairmen's Roundtable 
    Regents Bank is a proud sponsor of the Chairmen's Roundtable (CRT), an organization that shares our Bank's vision of helping small to mid-sized companies grow their respective businesses by providing guidance offered by trusted and experienced business advisors.  CRT is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of 40+ current and former Chief Executive Officers with extensive board of director experience and diverse industry backgrounds.  
    CRT provides businesses in San Diego County priceless business advice and mentorship free of charge, as a way of giving back to the community. CRT's well defined mentoring program is ideal for companies at a strategic crossroads that are looking to gain perspective on key business issues. To date, hundreds of local companies have benefited from the CRT's mentorship process. For more information and to read about past client successes, please visit  CRT's website and learn more about how you and your company can benefit from the program. 
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