If you're a business owner, you know what you want in a bank: experienced and involved business partners who understand the needs of an entrepreneur. We appreciate the equity risks you take because we've taken those risks ourselves. 
Regents Bank was founded in 2001 by local banking professionals, each with more than 20 years of banking experience, who came together with local community leaders to create a banking company that is devoted to helping businesses thrive by offering our experience, expertise, business acumen, and our key contacts and connections to help clients grow their companies and improve operating performance and efficiencies.  A big promise which we deliver on! 
Our goal is to be an integral and long-term participant in the local business community.   Our bankers are passionate about providing world-class service and are genuinely proud of the bank we have created. 
Our Commitment to You. 
We are committed to fostering long-term business relationships based on mutual respect. We are willing and able to provide our clients with the benefit of years of business experience. We hope you will find our counsel valuable enough to welcome us into your inner circle of trusted advisers. 
A great bank should be more than just a home for your loans and deposits; it should be an important ally in your daily quest for success.We are dedicated to knowing and understanding your business at a level far exceeding the norm. We will be pleased to work with your business advisers - accountants, lawyers and other key resources - to arm you with the most effective support team available. We will offer creative ideas and sound strategies to improve your bottom line. We will seek to identify solutions to your particular problems and challenges. We are a unique business because our success is a direct result of your success. 
We're in this together.  We have built a bank that is renowned for its personal service and we focus on serving the growing population of small to "medium-size" businesses in this area. Regents Bank provides a fine antidote to the impersonal mega-banks. 
Customize Your Banking Service. 
We stand ready to deliver or adapt our delivery of banking services to best fit your needs. We are easily accessible at our offices or by phone, Internet or courier. If you prefer to meet face-to-face, we will be delighted to visit you at your business. If you need immediate attention outside of traditional banking hours, please contact us at your convenience. We're waiting to be of assistance. At Regents Bank, there are no faceless loan committees, layers of bureaucracy, or policies created in far away places. You meet with the ultimate decision makers. Any problems? Call Steve Sefton, our President & CEO to make sure things are made right, right now. 
Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs. 
Since our formation in 2001, Regents Bank has experienced rapid growth. Our focus on service,  our entrepreneurial approach to banking, and numerous key strategic business decisions made over the years have all played a key role in building a successful banking business.   During an economic cycle where banks have failed in near record numbers, Regents Bank has not only survived but indeed it has prospered!   The business skills which have fueled our success are available to help your company.  
We welcome the opportunity to serve as a key strategic partner with companies seeking to grow and thrive in the local business community.  This isn't just hollow rhetoric. Give us a chance. You will receive prompt and thoughtful responses to your inquiries. We're anxious to prove that at Regents Bank, the most important person in the bank is the client. 
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