At Regents Bank, we provide our clients with a unique brand of Consultative Banking, that includes strategies and solutions drawn from decades of experience in serving business owners. 
Regents Bank was founded in 2001 by local banking professionals, each with more than 20 years of banking experience, who came together with local community leaders to create a business bank that is devoted to helping our clients thrive by offering sage advice, guidance, credit, and solutions.   
If you're building a business, get to know Regents Bank. We understand your passion, your vision, your goals and your needs because we are on a similar journey in our ongoing quest to build a world class banking company to serve you, our valued clients.  
We not only provide highly personalized service, we share your perspective as fellow entrepreneurs, and understand your need for prompt answers and better solutions. You deserve a genuine commitment and expertise from your trusted advisers and it is our goal to exceed your highest expectations.  
When asked "what is our top priority"?  We answer very sincerely:  Building relationships, not selling more banking products. 
Our clients know we're more than just a bank, we're a resource for their financial success. 
Get to know us better - Visit our banking offices 
If you click on the drop down window to your left, you can select one of our four regional offices that are strategically located throughout San Diego County .  For clients that are located in southwest Washington, please check out our Vancouver Office. 
After you select the office you wish to visit, go to the top of our web site and select the drop down menu, Community , and from there you can select from "about our office", "meet our staff", and our "events" page to learn more about how each of our offices can best serve you. 
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